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Availability Experts specializes in creating not only highly available and disaster tolerant computing environments but also business continuity solutions to keep our customer operational despite man-made or natural disasters. Regardless of the threat you want to minimize and the threat radius necessary to alleviate the threat, Availability Experts can design a solution to meet your specific requirements.

Essentially, we apply modern computing technologies to solve scientific, engineering, technical and business continuity problems. We have designed, procured, implemented and managed computer systems for controlling NASA’s Tethered Satellite, natural gas pipeline control, natural gas compressor station automation, SCADA systems, US Department of Defense weapons control centers and Student Information Systems at major universities all over the United States.

Availability Experts provides end-end design and implementation services of high availability systems. These services include:

  • System design and documentation
  • System configuration of Hewlett-Packard commercial computers, peripherals and storage
  • Proof of concept
  • Statement of Work generation for system installation
  • System installation
  • System verification

Availability Experts also offers services for:

  • System troubleshooting
  • Performance characterization
  • System tuning
  • Threat radius determination for HA/DT and/or business continuity (site selection)

NCAFE - The Non-Cluster Aware Failover Environment (NCAFE) is an environment that enables applications that are not cluster aware to take advantage of the High Availability (HA) benefits offered by VMS Clustering.  A Non Cluster Aware (NCA) application(s) running on VMS is an application(s) that does not have any knowledge of VMS clustering (lock management) and only runs on one node at a time. 

The NCAFE will allow an NCA application(s) to run on one node at a time in a cluster and provide failover capability when/if necessary. 

If an event causes the current node, the NCA application(s) is running, to drop out of the VMS cluster or if its NIC(s) fails, or the application fails, then the NCAFE will automatically failover the NCA application(s) and its associated IP address from the failed node to a surviving cluster member node.

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